What is Periscope and why is it so important to my Dorset business?

BlogFeatured-BroadcastingApps If you want your business to grow and stay successful for more than just the next few years, you need to know about Periscope.

More accurately, you need to know about Periscope and similar apps. Why? Because in my view, they’re game-changers in the world of social media communication. If you thought Facebook and Twitter were at the sharp end of social media, think again.

What is Periscope?

Periscope is an app that allows you to broadcast live, to the world, from wherever you are. It’s not the only one - there’s a similar app called Blab and more apps like these are on their way. The technology is referred to as ‘streaming’.

At the moment, Periscope, which is part of Twitter, is relatively simple. You download the app onto your smartphone or tablet (it doesn’t work on laptops or desktops) and create an account. Like Twitter, it lets you follow people and others can follow you.

To broadcast, just tap the red ‘Broadcast’ button, add a title and press start. Then you’re live online and any other Periscope user can choose to join in.

People watching your Periscope can type in comments, visible to everyone, which float up from the bottom of the screen and disappear after a few seconds. To show their appreciation for your Periscope, people can tap the screen and a heart appears and floats upwards. These hearts are ‘likes’ and the number you receive is displayed on your Periscope profile.

When your Periscope is over, it’s available for replay for 24 hours. You can delete the replay version if you’d rather no one watched it!


How Periscope can benefit your business

I think streaming video is a game-changer for social media marketing because it removes barriers between you and your customers. It’s now even easier to let customers inside your business and, as any retailer knows, a customer inside the door is worth much more than one who just looks in through the window, or walks on by.

That’s not to say that Periscope is only great for retail, because it can help any business.

Let’s say your business is accountancy. Using Periscope you could broadcast a short, timely snippet of tax advice on a regular basis - like weekly or even daily. Think of it as an extension to blogging. In time, it may even replace blogging.

Holiday accommodation providers could broadcast from local attractions or events, or give tours of their facilities.

The only limit to using Periscope is your imagination. Do it well and you’ll build an audience who are willing to tune in, and all the time you’ve got their attention, you’re building a relationship with them. Many sales, particularly higher value sales, begin with relationships.

I’m looking forward to seeing Dorset businesses begin to take advantage of streaming apps such as Periscope.

Find and follow me on Periscope - download the app and look up Dorset_Social.

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