Can Tweet Jukebox improve your Twitter marketing?

BlogFeatured-TweetJukeBox Do you wish it was easier to send more tweets in a day? You know that success on Twitter comes from tweeting several times a day but do you find it nigh on impossible to make time to tweet? Then there's the challenge of coming up with something new to say!

Tweet Jukebox helps overcome these problems by providing a regular supply of tweets into your Twitter stream. Once set up, it can tweet away on your behalf, effectively forever.

Twitter works best when you use it to engage with others, by retweeting, replying and initiating conversations. These are most effective when done manually. Automation of some actions, such as tweeting pre-prepared content, can have a place in your Twitter strategy. It can supplement but never replace genuine human interaction.


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How to use Tweet Jukebox

Tweet Jukebox is very easy to use. Sign up with your Twitter account and you can immediately begin building a jukebox - that is, a list of tweets from which the app will pick randomly and post on your behalf.

Each jukebox has its own schedule, where you determine how often a tweet is posted. The frequency and timing of your schedule can be refined for each day of the week.

Add the tweets, set up the schedule, turn the jukebox on and you’re done.

If you don’t want to set up your own jukebox, you can choose from a number of existing jukeboxes containing generic tweets, such as inspirational quotes.

Tweet Jukebox also allows you to set up scheduled tweets, which can repeat over specific time intervals, such as every six hours, once a week or once a year.


Limitations on using Tweet Jukebox for free

I’ve been scheduling tweets for years and when I discovered Tweet Jukebox it looked like a real time-saver, because I could set up a tweet once and then re-use it several times. And all for free!

That came to an end within a short time, as the app introduced professional (paid-for) options. Currently the free version of Tweet Jukebox lets you have two jukeboxes with a total of 300 unique tweets, plus five scheduled tweets. You’re also restricted to tweeting just five times per day.

This shouldn’t be bad news because it should mean further investment in Tweet Jukebox. I’m happy to pay to use it, because the time-savings justify the cost.

Other features of Tweet Jukebox

Is it good practice to post the same tweet more than once? Opinions vary on this. I don’t have a problem with it because each tweet is only seen by a small percentage of your followers. If you have an important message to share, don’t be afraid to tweet it out several times.

There’s a balance to be struck between making your message as visible as possible and not boring people and having them unfollow you. Or worse, mute or block you.

On each jukebox you can specify that a tweet will not be posted again until a certain number of days have passed.

Other useful features include:

  • Adding a picture to a tweet.
  • A visual schedule, giving an at-a-glance view of when your tweets will appear during the week.
  • Stats on recent mentions or retweets by other Twitter users.
  • Ability to move tweets between jukeboxes.
  • Uploading and downloading tweets (paid accounts only).
  • Seeing when a particular tweet was last posted.

I’ve not used all these features yet. End dates on scheduled tweets (paid accounts only) are handy for promotional tweets you don’t want to appear after a particular date.

What I like about Tweet Jukebox

A successful social media strategy depends, in part, on maintaining a consistent stream of high quality content. Scheduling tweets in say Hootsuite or Tweetdeck allows you to create posts in the future, but you need to keep going back to add to the schedule.

Using Tweet Jukebox means you never have to worry about the schedule running out. Get the balance right between the number of tweets and their frequency of posting and you shouldn’t bore your followers even if the jukebox runs unchanged for days or even weeks.

I find scheduled tweets useful for messages I want to share relatively often over a short period of time, such as news about training courses.

I continue to check into Twitter daily and my jukeboxes are regularly tweaked, with some tweets retired and new posts added.

Tweet Jukebox can’t provide Twitter engagement

This app might sound ideal for spammers wanting to spew out a stream of tweets. Which is why the free version is now limited to just five tweets per day.

To get results from Twitter requires more than just tweeting over and over again - it requires real engagement.

Fortunately, it’s impossible to automate genuine human interaction on Twitter - thoughtful retweets, insightful or useful replies, timely thoughts and shares. These are what make the Twitter experience truly valuable. Tweet Jukebox, like other automation apps, is a useful supplement to manual tweeting, but you'll be disappointed if you hope that it can relieve you of needing to log into Twitter more than occasionally.

Done well, automated tweets can be effective and they could have a place in your Twitter strategy. I recommend that you take a look at Tweet Jukebox to see what it could do for you.

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